Boomkensstraat 55 box 1
3500 Hasselt

Tel: +32 493 407643
Fax: +32 11 725232

Website: www.h2so4.pm

E-mail: lise@h2so4.pm


Office Manager: Lise Gielen
General Manager: Geert Jamaer


Year Established: 2009
VAT No: BE0504867875
No of Employees: 1-20


Service Company


H2SO4.pm is your sulphuric acid solution provider. As a one-stop-shop for all your sulphuric acid plant issues we deliver our excellence worldwide. Our process management department supports you in having your acid plant up and running all the time: therefore chemical process as well as your management processes will be assessed and scanned to give you 'best in class' operations. Check our 'SCAN.plant' during shutdowns to get the best view on your plant condition. Our project management department maintains your acid plant in the best conditions: they handle all your acid plant projects and repairs conform to a strict certified and safe methodology so you always get the best value for your money. Equipment renewal, catalyst screening, maintenance works, turnaround management,….no job we can't handle. Our people management department lifts your acid operations to the next level: we train your own staff or support you with sending in our staff to get the same result, best in class acid plant operations. Do you know we have an acid plant simulator that can be customized to your specific plant so operators can be trained off line in emergency shutdown procedures, normal operations, process upsets but also forecast of your operations can be tested with our simulator, … Want to get to know us? Visit our site to ask for a quotation or register for our newsletter so you will always be up to date on our latest services and tech notes.