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  • Zhengzhou Gaofu Fertilizer Co. Ltd
    Zhengzhou, Peoples Republic of China
    GAOFU is the leading manufacturer and marketer of Slow-Release Nitrogen/Methylene urea & compound fertilizer for agriculture, golf courses, landscape and specialty growers in China. The products account for more than 30% of China's high-end slow-release fertilizer market. GaoFu was founded in 1993. GaoFu product is exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, United States, Australia, Africa, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. GaoFu has innovated the production process of urea formaldehyde slow-release nitrogen fertilizer & compound fertilizer. The new process is called "Poly-Methylene Urea(PMU for short) slow and controlled release nitrogen fertilizer & compound fertilizer". The PMU product can be used for most crops, which can meet the demand of crops in the whole growth period without increasing the cost of comprehensive fertilization, one-time base application without topdressing, and increase the crop yield by 3%~6%.
    Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  • Hexion Inc.
    Columbus, United States of America

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